Authorised Distributors for Energy Absorbing Bollards

Australian designed Omni Stops – Energy Absorbing Bollards by Automotive Safety Engineering Pty Ltd.

Adelaide base company, became industry standard for protection of pedestrians at outdoor dining areas, bus stops, foot paths and inner metropolitan area.

Automotive Safety Engineering Pty Ltd have made first 300 EAB between 1999 – 2002 and after that licenced Safe Roads ( formally known as Rubber Tough ) from Drouin Victoria to be a major distributor of Omni Stops in Australia and Overseas.

The Licence Agreement has been terminated on 06th of July 2016 due to problems with supply of Omni Stops. Since that time Safe Roads is not permitted to distribute Omni Stop Bollards which are patent registered. Any such attempt will constitute in breach of patent rights and will be considered illegal activity.

Since the 06th of July 2016 Automotive Safety Engineering Pty Ltd has authorised:

  • Roadside Services & Solutions and
  • Impact Absorbing Systems Pty Ltd

to distribute EAB in Australia and Overseas.

Grad Zivkovic, MSc,BSc,MIEA,MSAE
Managing Director

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