Roadside Services Civil Division is currently working on a state of the art water retention system for Manningham City Council. This new treatment has the ability to hold 200,000 litres of storm water for 20 minutes. Crisis averted for the residents of Prospect Drive in Bulleen who have had their homes flooded for years. Doing…
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Qld TMR – Road Plate Approval

Thank you for your submission regarding Oxford Plastics' Road Plate products (inner and end plates). This letter is to advise you that Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has no objection to the use of this device for a trial period of two years (from the date of this letter) on roads where the speed environments…
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I refer to your recent submission seeking VicRoads approval for the use of the Oxford Road Plates in Victoria. VicRoads has assessed the product and considers the Oxford Road Plates, product number 0830 — Road Plate Inner and 0814 — Road Plate End, suitable and can be used on Victoria roads that have posted speed…
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Authorised Distributors for Energy Absorbing Bollards

Australian designed Omni Stops - Energy Absorbing Bollards by Automotive Safety Engineering Pty Ltd. Adelaide base company, became industry standard for protection of pedestrians at outdoor dining areas, bus stops, foot paths and inner metropolitan area. Automotive Safety Engineering Pty Ltd have made first 300 EAB between 1999 - 2002 and after that licenced Safe…
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