R oadside Services and Solutions Pty Ltd is a progressive civil works company and 3M-accredited manufacturer and supplier of quality road and safety signs. Roadside also specialises in line marking, graffiti removal and the supply and installation of guardrail and energy absorbing bollards.

Founded in 2009, the company now employs nearly 100 full-time staff, operating an extensive fleet of plant and equipment, operating from manufacturing warehouses in Melbourne and Adelaide, together with a branch office and showroom in Darwin.  Those operations are supplemented by representatives throughout New South Wales, Western Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.

Roadside carries pre-qualification with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (SA) and VicRoads and regularly supplies signs to Roads and Maritime Services (NSW), the Northern Territory Government and its preferred contractors. With a strong focus on innovation and continual improvement, Roadside Services and Solutions has two state-of-the-art DURST Roll-to-Roll/Flatbed UV Inkjet-Printers, capable of daily production of more than 300 square metres of Class 1 and Diamond Grade Signs.  Backed by the 3M Diamond Warranty Programme, the 12 year, full replacement warranty on permanent signage provides real value to Councils, government departments and instrumentalities and general industry alike.


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    Our in-house graphics team is ready to help design your signage to meet site-specific requirements.

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    We offer a complete range of equipment and services to handle any maintenance required.

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    We specialise in all facets of line marking from Cold Applied and Thermo plastics on roads.

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    Providing both stability and security. Easy to transport, easy to assemble and designed to last.

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    High-quality reflective sheeting for warning, regulatory, guidance and non-critical traffic signs.

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    Our services are delivered with state of the art equipment and we use envionmentally friendly chemicals.

In 2017 Roadside Services and Solutions became the Australian Distributor of the Automotive Safety Engineering invented Energy Absorbing Bollard (formally known as – Omni Stop Bollard), designed to protect Outdoor Diners & Infrastructure Assets. Other Roadside EAP (Energy Absorbing Products) includes the EAB20 – especially designed bollards for Public and Car Parking Facilities (tested to 20kph), the Energy Absorbing Pole/Tree Buffer (rated up to 80kph) and the globally unique Energy Absorbing Light Pole (remains upright after a 70kph impact).

Roadside is also a proud Distributor of Oxford Plastic Systems products like the Pedestrian Safe Kerb & Supa Grip Safe Kerb Ramps,16/12 (1600mm x 1200mm) and 12/8 (1200mm x 800mm) Safety/Trench Covers, the Modular – heavy duty, reinforced composite Road Plate which can be manually deployed by 2 people and the stackable Avalon Crowd Control Barrier featuring Clear Path Feet. Our 5 fully equipped Service Crews are highly mobile and available 24/7 if required. – Our Service is Your Solution

Years of Experience
Full-Time Staff

Roadside Services and Solutions specialises in the manufacture of

  • Street (Name) Blades
  • Rural Address Plates
  • Guide Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Information Signs
  • Safety Signs
  • Transport Signs
  • Hazard Markers
  • Sign post Hardware
  • All associated Sign Posts
  • Permanent Regulatory Signs
  • Full range of Boxed Edge
  • Corflute and Aluminium Flat Plate Temporary Signs

Other Traffic Management Products include;-

  • Stop/Slow Batons
  • Safety Wands
  • T-Top Bollards
  • Reflective Cones
  • Barrier Mesh & Flags
  • Spot Marking Paint
  • Ad Sign Bases
  • LMS & Swing Stands
  • Multi – Message Frames
  • Folding and Bi Pod Legs.

RSS supports its core sign business by providing Road Safety Services such as:

  • Signage Installations
  • Guardrail Installations
  • Bridge Path Construction & Maintenance
  • Line Marking (VIC only)
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Bollard & Traffic Calming Product Installations
  • Asphalt Work
  • Drainage and Civil Construction.