Workplace diversity and gender balance are integral elements of the growing Roadside Services and Solutions workforce.

Roadside Services and Solutions Managing Director Jared Watkins believes the company may be the only one who has a female linemarking rig operator in its team.

Sandy loves her job and was recently appointed a linemarking crew leader. She loved it so much she wanted to be able to learn how to operate the linemarking rig … and she did.

The linemarking crew currently has three female employees. Sandy, Kim and Jordan undertake work in longitudinal linemarking, road marking, cold applied plastic and preformed thermo plastics.

“It’s a very specialised job and it’s pretty tough being out on the roads in all kinds of weather,” Jared Watkins says.

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, Roadside Services and Solutions says the company is proud to bring the future of gender diversity and balance to the workplace today.

“Everyone has a part to play in building a gender-balanced world and we recognise this and implement it every day when we are filling roles within our company. It’s by having the best skills from men and women within our company that has been pivotal to our success and delivering the best service and products to our clients,” Jared Watkins says.